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Spreadsheet Functions, Formulas, Formatting, and Shortcut Solutions... From One of the Fastest Spreadsheet Troubleshooters in the West! Call (310) 499-1476


“We don't charge for data!  10 rows or 10,000 rows of data is the same price!”
We charge only for the work WE do, not for the work Excel does!
We use formulas, functions, calculation, and automation “behind the equals = sign” in Excel cells.

MICRO:  A Custom Spreadsheet Cell Formula
(May be complex)  $24
.50  $19.95  Save $4.55

MINI:  “A Few” Custom Spreadsheet Cells
(May be complex)  $64.00  $49.00  Save $15.00

MID-SIZE:  A Half-Page Custom Spreadsheet
(May be complex)  $129.00  $99.00  Save $30.00

FULL-SIZE:  A One-Page Custom Spreadsheet
(May be complex) 
$245.00  $199.00  Save $46.00

MULTI:  A 2- to 5-Page/Sheet Custom Spreadsheet
(May be complex)  $495.00  $399.00  Save $96.00

MEGA:  A Larger Custom Spreadsheet
(May be complex)  $ Negotiable
Call or describe below.


Just click "Buy Now" above, and let's start making your work easier, faster, and more efficient!  (We even may be able to help you do some valuable new things you didn't know were possible!)

Or, if you're unsure, just type in below a brief description of what you might need or the business situation you're facing, and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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What Do You Need?

Spreadsheet,Excel,Financial Analysis,Quantitative Analysis,Business Metrics,Profit,PivotTable,Tips,Tricks,Wizardry,Functions,Formulas,Shortcuts

  What would make your work easier and faster?

•  What output would you like automatically as soon as you just Copy & Paste in your input?

•  What data do you have available now, and what actionable business information would you like to gain?

Delivery is usually within 72 hours, with multi-page spreadsheets usually within one week.

Both challenging and standard projects are invited!

Additional charges or discounts may apply for unusual requests, to be determined after discussion of customer needs.


- A spreadsheet containing thousands of rows of data that prints on 100+ pages, but actually requires only a few standard formulas to calculate probably would qualify for the One-Page rate.

- A one-page or one-screen spreadsheet requiring highly interactive "artificial intelligence" may get the Multi-Page rate or more.

If in doubt, just ask!


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Spreadsheet,Excel,Financial Analysis,Quantitative Analysis,Business Metrics,Profit,PivotTable,Tips,Tricks,Wizardry,Functions,Formulas,Shortcuts


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